Blogging, Poetry, and Travel Writing from writer Scott De Buitléir

My Story… so far

Here’s how I’d sum myself up:

From my mid-teens to my late-twenties, I wanted to have a career in the media. I tried my hand at freelance journalism, radio presenting, occasional TV appearances, launching my own magazine, and all in-between.

None of it, however, was enough to provide a decent, stable salary. So, I decided to chuck it all in, and moved to England to live with my boyfriend. Best move I’ve ever made. 

Nowadays, I’m a writer by profession. I work in advertising for a major sports brand, and in my spare time, I run the Nottingham Writers Collective. I also write poetry, and update this blog… whenever I find the time!

I also travel. A lot. Usually between the UK and Ireland (my home country) but also around Europe and further afield, as frequently as possible. I try to write about my travels whenever I can.

That’s basically it. Hope you join me for the journey that is my life, and please do say hello if you have the time.

Seo linn – Here we go.